Tubebuddy Review – YouTubers Secret Tool

TubeBuddy Review – YouTubers Secret Tool

TubeBuddy Review : If you’re an existing YouTuber  or want to start a YouTube channel, well this article can help you a lot to grow your youtube channel. I’m going to explain about YouTubers Secret Tool that will help you to manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel and your videos. and it has tons of powerful features that will help you to get more out of YouTube. And one of the best things is that these features are available in your normal YouTube interface only.

YouTubers Secret Tool

Most of the top youtubers use TubeBuddy tool to optimize their videos and channel to get more traffic. Through this tool they rank in the first page of Youtube.

In this tool premium plans are available which can boost your youtube channel ultimately, This tool offers a free version of the tool that still works quietly well. Means you can start free, if you are affordable you can move to premium plans which have a lot of powerful tools and features.

Introduction to TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an extension tool in your browser, no need to switch other windows or software. Here how to use this tool to grow your YouTube Channel. If you are going to try and grow your channel, it is important that you set up a channel management system. It does just that for you. In the past, you might have manually tagged videos that you uploaded. Perhaps you took an hour or two and added or altered the titles. It does all of that automatically. It will even identify and tag videos that you have uploaded but are currently unlisted. This way, when someone does search for them, they will find them right away. Also, I recommend that you add video titles to each video in an organized manner so that you can track trends.

How to Use TubeBuddy

Do this one step first! Download and install the free TubeBuddy Chrome extension. Now you can paste a YouTube URL and follow these two simple steps: Press the extension icon and click “SUBMIT LINK”. It will copy a new URL that you can submit as a comment and directly on YouTube. Or, you can use the url that you just submitted as a video in another location on YouTube (for example, through the YouTube app). From there, you can watch your video as normal, or if you like what you see, continue playing through the video without even downloading the extension. That’s it! And for the best video experience, leave the extension off (but not in the background). 

Tubebuddy Review

TubeBuddy Review – YouTubers Secret Tool

How to Get Started

You just need to enter your channel information (username, username, & channel) If you already have an account you can login. If you don’t have an account, you will be prompted to create one. You’ll be able to create within one second, the next step is to get everything up and running. After you are logged in, you can manage your channel. You can: Head over to your search bar and enter the term you are looking to grow. You can choose from a variety of terms including “Footage”, “Lifestyle”, and more. The search bar also supports Pinyin Chinese (the default input language) and a few other search terms. Choose any of the subtopics you’d like to run the campaign and then you can edit or create the campaigns.

How Does This Work?

TubeBuddy lets you track your YouTube viewership stats, stream and watch videos on YouTube, and generate statistics to monitor traffic and conversions on YouTube and your web site. You can also stream live, without any cables, from your webcam, webcam or mobile phone to YouTube or from your microphone to YouTube. You can control your device settings directly from your web browser and lets you run YouTube Video campaigns and manage your YouTube analytics from one dashboard. With it, you can set advertising campaigns, view, create and share analytics. Use the setting tools to create video promotions, create and schedule each day’s YouTube marketing campaign, and receive push notification alerts.

Tubebuddy Review - YouTubers Secret Tool


TubeBuddy Review – YouTubers Secret Tool

How Can TubeBuddy Help Me?

TubeBuddy runs as an extension for your Chrome web browser. Once installed, it automatically activates the first time you visit YouTube. 

How Does it Work?

 This tool listens to every video in your channel and provides you with suggestions of relevant comments and titles so that you can post more videos on YouTube and become more popular. 

How Much Time Will it Take to See the Result?

 It doesn’t take a long time at all. It works in seconds!

What Will Happen to Your Channel When You Start Using TubeBuddy?

 The more videos you upload to YouTube, the higher your channel rating will become. As a result, more and more people will see your channel. Since TubeBuddy works seamlessly with YouTube, you can work on building your own channel while also promoting it through this tool.

YouTubers Secret Tool

The Best Features of TubeBuddy

Easy Backend Installation The source code for TubeBuddy can be downloaded right now at TubeBuddy website. If you’re not feeling lazy, you can install it on your web browser. Simply visit the Official website, click the Download button, and copy the link to your clipboard. Nifty video player Another useful feature is the video player. The player offers you complete transparency with as many controls as possible. You can easily play the video, change the video speed, change the volume, pause the video, and search your videos. You can also change the picture view, and it even comes with an easy download button. Simple to use interface Getting started with TubeBuddy is quite simple. Simply select a video from the list, drag it to the page, and press the “Play” button.

Tubebuddy Review - YouTubers Secret Tool


Benefits of TubeBuddy

» First take into consideration, if you have more than one video to upload, you will need to log into your YouTube account to keep track of all your uploads. 

» This tool integrates with YouTube, so you can use your current profile and watch history. 

» There’s also an upload status bar that displays the latest upload status of your channel. 

» You can use “refresh” to view the status of your channel. 

» In the App bar, you can customize it according to your personal needs. 

» TubeBuddy is for Video streaming, so it will not function with audio.

»Helps grow your video SEO.

» has a feature to track your keywords, so if you provide your keywords, it will give a weekly report of the keyword rankings on YouTube.

Tubebuddy Review - YouTubers Secret Tool


Can I Use This Tool on YouTube Itself?

 You can, and it’s extremely easy! Add an extension to your browser.

Can I Use TubeBuddy on Any Other Video Website?

 Yes, if you want to convert your video directly from video sharing websites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Imgur, etc. 


Is TubeBuddy Free to Use?

Yes, this tool offers a 100% version of its product with a lot of its core features. But you get limited access to its premium range of video SEO, productivity, promotion, and other tools. The paid licenses for the tool start at $9 per month and you can get a free 30-day trial of its paid features as well.


What is the Best Way to PromoteYour Videos Online?

There are several ways that you can promote your videos online – and the best way to promote them is by having them already out there with millions of viewers. By using YouTube the free video website has over one billion views per day. You need to get the most out of these views. After taking TubeBuddy Review we found this tool performs very well compared to other tools in the market.

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